A Photographer Writes. (Well, starts to.)

Well, here it is.  And here I am.  Blogging.  My very first blog.  Welcome.

A new year begins and it always feels to me like a wonderfully optimistic time.  A time to start new ventures, try new things… stop eating chocolate.  Funny really because it’s hibernation time for the rest of the animal kingdom.   Anyhow,  here’s my new venture.  I know, I know – people have been successfully blogging for yonks.  Still, better late than never.

A very talented writer friend of mine, who shall remain nameless has suggested that I write something on how I feel about photography .  So here goes:  It’s a people thing.  I love them.  I love little interactions between people, and to have those moments caught in time and popped on some lovely fine art paper seems just gorgeous to me.  It’s about treasuring each other.  Treasuring life.  And if I can do it in a proficient and beautiful way, then all the better.  There.

On that note, I thought I’d begin with one of my favourite snaps, and it really is a snap, of the Christmas break.

I like to call it “Missed.”

Thanks for stopping by and see you very soon. x