Model Model

A few months ago I shot a headshot session with a young actor.  Usually this entails a couple of t shirt changes for variety but it is essentially a head and shoulders session.  Harriet, however had brought a few outfits to have full length shots done too.  She came prepared.  She meant business.  How could I refuse?   So, we tagged a  cheeky half an hour onto the end of the session and went out into the alleyway behind my studio.

Well.  I’m no model talent scout but Harriet looked amazing.  A born model.  She  has a beautiful face and a wonderfully understated energy which is a joy to capture.  She was so easy to photograph and we ended up having a whale of a time.  So glad we went with the flow and shot some pics. I loved it and have subsequently shot some more models on location.  Great fun.

I’ve decided to offer this kind of additional session as an add on to my headshot sessions – check out the prices list on my website.

Harriet is registered with The Big Talent Agency at time of blog going out.