How I, erm, roll.

So I’ve been thinking about my style.  Photographers talk about this a lot.  It’s important to have a style and it makes perfect sense to have one.  My lovely clients want to know what the pics will look like, or at least, have a sense of the way they will turn out.

So here’s the rub.  It’s hard to say.  I like to meet you lovely clients, chat and quickly get to grips with who you are as people.  I want to capture the essence of you and your loved ones, be that  the love, the fun, the care, or a mixture of all these things.  I guess my overriding ideal and wish is to capture natural, honest moments and give them a little dusting of zhoozh* before handing them back to you in print.

My session with Evelyn, for example, had a whole different feel to the sibling shoot with Caroline’s lovely brood.

* to “zhoozh” means to push up with flair.

So my style then.  Well, it’s a little bit of me and a lot of you.