Whatever Bakes Your Cake

So I’ve come to photography a little left field – just how I like it, in actual fact.  I’ve spent the last twenty years working as an actor so it made sense to me to start with actors’ headshots – portfolio shots vital to every jobbing actor. I love doing them.  It all feels very familiar to me.

I’m actually really glad I came to it a little late – and I’ll tell you for why.  There is quite a lot of advice out there, on the internet for example, but the sheer volume of advice can be a little daunting.  It can all be very technical, and whilst it’s vitally important to hone one’s skills, (after all, without them, there is no consistency, no reliability in your work) it can also seem a little dry, lacking in creativity.  I suppose with age comes the confidence  to champion the “give it a whirl” and “do it your own way” schools of thought.

I’m always up for a good dose of experimentation and just going with the flow. I feel that creativity needs to stick its tongue out at convention and say “I hear ya, but I’m doing it my way”.  Easier to say that with your tongue back in though.

Check out this fabulous image which was posted on Facebook.

It flies in the face of many the rules of composition out there but I think it’s stunning.   Just have a play and see what works.  The world is our oyster, people.