Self Tape Service

Self Tape Service

I’m offering a self tape service in Cardiff. As an actor, with over twenty five years experience in the industry, and having done many self tapes myself, I understand what is needed.

As a film director and photographer I understand the industry from behind the camera too so you will leave with a high quality audition.  It’s always good to meet actors too!



£25 an hour

£10 for every half hour after that.

(An hour is usually plenty of time to work on and shoot most self tapes provided you come prepped with the lines, if you need to be off book.)


How the session works

You should send me a link to the script before you arrive so that I can prepare to read in.

Costume wise, come with a ‘nod’ to the character but you don’t need to go overboard. Do as you would for an ordinary audition.

Come as prepared with the lines as you can.  Some people use the script but it’s always better to be familiar if you can.

You come to my house and we rehearse the piece. I will give direction where needed and together we will get the piece audition ready.  Then we shoot until you are happy.

You leave and I upload the work onto Wetransfer and send it to you or wherever it needs to go.


Links to my professional work both sides of the camera.