A lot of my actor clients have asked if I know of anyone who can produce a showreel or a voicereel. And the answer is yes, he works in the room next to mine and is my husband. As a film-maker he has many years of editing experience and can put together a reel that highlights the best of your work.

He can work from any format from VHS to HD (even Super 8!) and produce a finished showreel that suits your needs. If you need it to go online, on DVD or as a data file he can provide it.

Everyone has different needs and different amounts of footage. So as a guideline the starting price is £100 for which you’ll get a 3 minute showreel or voicereel from digital files provided by you on a memory stick or disk. You will receive the finished product as three printed DVD’s in slimline cases with a headshot cover (or image of your choice) plus the showreel as a .mov data file.

Additional costs are as follows;

Longer showreels (up to 5 minutes) are an additional £50.
Additional DVD’s are £5 each.
Transfer of footage from non-digital sources (i.e. VHS / SVHS etc) are £5 per clip.
Preparation of showreel for web delivery is £5 per file format needed (.flv / .ogg / WebM / mp4 etc).