As an actor and a director for nearly thirty years, telling stories has been my life’s work. 

In the 90s I spent a lot of time not having a bath as it was full of developing chemical trays… (There was a separate shower, I hasten to add.) I shared a house with a photographer. I loved a dark room.  My interest was piqued and I began my own path into the world of photography from that point.  Eventually, moving from in front of the camera to behind it became a happy dance.  The hokey cokey with lenses if you like ….  It continues to this day.

I live in Cardiff with my therapist husband and two grown up kids.  And Molly, my one eyed dog. 

I’m supposed to tell you about my hobbies in this bit aren’t I?  Well, I love dancing.  Silent discos are a favourite because they are discos but… silent.  Perfect.

Actor Headshots